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stucked garage door repair

A stuck garage door can happen to the best of us; occasionally even with regular, monthly maintenance. Thankfully a stuck garage door can be fixed with little to no inconvenience. Keep in mind though that if the door sticks in the open position, it presents a safety concern, necessitating the need for immediate repair.

Troubleshooting a Stuck Garage Door

Locked Garage Door

If your door or opener is equipped with a lock, make sure it is either turned off or disengaged, then reattempt to operate the door before troubleshooting a stuck garage door further or calling a garage door repair professional for assistance.

Depleted Batteries

Remotes require 3V lithium batteries to transmit wireless signals to the garage door opener. Weak or depleted batteries can result in an inoperable door. The best way to determine if new batteries are needed is to try operating the door with the wall-mounted control panel. Batteries should be relatively easy to find online or at any big-box retailer. The remote may need reprogramming after replacing the batteries.

Broken Garage Door Spring

Torsion or extension springs counterbalance the weight of your garage door as it moves along the tracks. Standard springs are designed to last 10,000 cycles, with one cycle being spent each time the door opens and closes. 10,000 cycles can last anywhere from three to fourteen years; dependent on personal usage. A broken garage door spring will result in a nonfunctional door, and if it happened during operation, the door may become stuck. Broken garage door springs always require professional replacement.

Faulty Photoelectric Sensors

Installed six inches above the garage floor, on the inside of the door, are two photoelectric sensors or “safety eyes.” These sensors are designed to stop the downward momentum of the door if an obstruction is detected. The door will not work anytime something is blocking them, the lenses are dirty, or they are misaligned. Direct sunlight may also cause interference. The International Door Association strongly encourages testing the sensors once a month to ensure proper functioning.

To test: Start with the door in the fully open position. Stand inside and use the remote to activate the door to close. As the door is closing, wave a long object, such as a broomstick in front of the safety eyes. Your objective is to “break the beam.” If the door fails to reverse and reopen, do the following:

  • Install “eye shades” to block glare
  • Wipe both sensors with a clean cloth
  • Adjust the sensors by hand if they appear to be out of alignment
  • Contact a professional to come service the door’s photoelectric sensors

Damaged Garage Door Tracks

The tracks will inevitably need to be adjusted once or twice during their lifespan. Daily use, corrosion from inclement weather, something bumping into the tracks, or inadequate lubrication of vital components (the tracks should not be included in this monthly maintenance requirement) can cause them to bend or become misaligned. Minor dents can be bent back into place using a soft hammer. Severe damage should be left in the capable hands of a professional.

Local Garage Door Repair and Service

Arizona’s Best Garage Door and Repair Company is proud to provide the greater Phoenix metro area with professional garage door services. Whatever your issue, no matter how big or small, contact the pros at Arizona’s Best Garage Door and Repair Company for prompt and reliable repair. Our trucks are stocked daily with high-quality replacement parts for same-day service. (480) 485-5505.

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Brian D.
five stars

Great Guys and Great Work

The tech was on time to the second I think, very professional and super nice Chris – nice work my friend!   The opener they selected for me is a terrific and great price, Wifi and the myQ app are great as well.

Carrie F.
five stars

They sent someone out right away at 4:30pm on a Monday. Tre was our technician and did an amazing job getting our door back to working condition without breaking the bank. I will always suggest them to anyone who asks.

Conrad C.
five stars

For the past few months, my garage door would not shut. It will close halfway get stuck and the motor would bring it back. Not to mention it sounded like a blender filled with nails while closing and opening. Finally decided to get it to check out and these guys were the first to respond. Had an appointment sent within 15 min. A technician named Jimmy came over the next day and got it all done. My garage door never sounded so silent and go down as smooth once new parts were added. Definitely will be recommending these guys!

Joe S.
five stars

This company is very responsive, contacted them on a Sunday night and they replied right away.  Then set an appointment at a time convenient for me.

Very polite and easy to work with.  Travis, the owner, is hands-on.

Karen P.
five stars

I had an extremely positive experience with this company, and I have to praise Michelle in the front office for her patience and customer service attitude.

When my 20-year-old Liftmaster garage door opener began to fail, I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching new openers and my options.  The logicboard wasn’t working – so the unit still moved the door up and down, but responded only to the wall switch and not the remote. While that was inconvenient, I had time to look around.

After months of exploration and repeated estimates, when I finally decided on a model, they didn’t have it in stock. Michelle quickly located one and offered an appointment the next business day.

The technician who showed up, Zach, was relatively new, but assured me that he had great training and mentoring by the company.  And so far, I am very pleased with the work.  I thought he was polite, clean, well-skilled, and astute — and at my request, also diagnosed and repaired a squealing in the door.  The door is quiet and the alignment is good.

I would definitely have them back for any additional work! (which I hope doesn’t happen soon!)

Leonard G.
five stars

When it was time to change the garage door, we called these pros for help, and they responded to our needs immediately.

The team arrived exactly when they said they would, and explained everything they were going to do, along with different options for me. It took them an hour to complete the job, and it was amazing! Very precise and clean!!!

Will use them again for all my garage door needs!

Lori R.
five stars

Honestly, I haven’t had such great customer service in years. From the first phone call to the minute they left I never felt pressured, a hard sell or that I was being sold something I didn’t “need”. So informative and honest. So refreshing!! The background checks their employees for safety. They text/email your appointment time, when the technician is on the way, and the estimate. Makes the whole experience a positive one. Thanks, Travis, Chris, and Cody. Keep up the great work. You prove that great customer care is still important.

Patricia C.
five stars

We were so thrilled with the excellent quality of service and quick response we received yesterday. Jimmy Tafoya was quick, honest, and pleasant. The door went off the rails so we called on a Saturday afternoon for emergency service. He fixed the problem in 2 hours. We thought we would need a new door it was so screwed up but he fixed it very well at a lower cost. We are very thankful.

Robert Z.
five stars

My hinge was bent. Jay came out the same day. Repaired and realigned. Very efficient, knowledgeable, and did a great job. Would definitely call again for garage needs.

Tara L.
five stars

I wish this company provided other random services because I would use them for anything!

I sent a request for a quote via Yelp at 3:56 pm and received a reply from Travis at 3:57 pm. He said he could have a technician to my home between 4-6 pm That Day! Like within the next 2 hours. Before I committed, though I had to ask a few questions. First, could the technician please wear a mask and gloves because we have high-risk people in our home during Covid? Answer – no problem at all. Second, could you provide a ballpark estimate based on my description of the problem? Yup!

I then received a text with my appointment confirmation, and 20 minutes before the technician arrived, I received a lengthy text with a photo, background check information, and instructions on what to expect when he arrives. Then Jay called personally to let me know to expect him.

When he arrived, he looked at the job, gave me an estimate, and went to work. 20 min later, he was done, with no extra hidden fees. He accepted my credit card verbally so that we didn’t have any close contact.

The garage works perfectly!

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